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Historic chapels

Historic chapels

Please note: The historic chapels are no longer in use as functioning chapels for funeral services

Our old chapels were used for over 150 years and will remain an important focal point for the cemetery at Cheltenham.

In the early 19th century burial space in Cheltenham’s churches was proving inadequate for the elderly and unwell who moved to the spa town.

The site at Bouncers Lane was acquired in 1861 and the cemetery first opened in 1864, designed by WH Knight.

The cemetery was extended in 1883, 1926 and again in the late 20th century with the more recent areas being added to the east of the original Victorian graveyard.

The Gardens of Remembrance were developed from before the 1930s and the Crematorium opened in 1938, the 38th to be opened in the British Isles.

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