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Personal memorials

Here at Cheltenham bereavement services we are able to provide you with a stunning range of jewellery, keepsakes and cremation urns, giving you something precious that commemorates your loved one and something that you can treasure forever.

Our lovely range of discrete jewellery consists of pendants, rings and cufflinks which can either hold inside a small amount of a loved ones remains or can house a beautiful jewel which is expertly handcrafted from the remains of a loved one. The jewelry range can be supplied in either sterling silver, gold and rose gold.

Personal memorial sample collection

Our beautiful range of keepsakes and mini urns allow for a small token of a loved ones remains to be placed inside and the collection consists of stunning mini urns and coloured glass blown memory pebbles.

A lovely range of full size cremation urns is also available and consists of a variety of stunning urns in many beautiful designs.

To discuss all the options available, or to view a sample of the collection we can offer, please call into our office, or contact a member of our friendly team, and they can talk through any questions that you might have.

Memorial tree urns

We offer a range of urns that give you the option to grow a living tree from the remains of your loved one. The Bios urn, the Spiritree and the Limbo urn range are available from Cheltenham bereavement services. Please contact us to discuss the options available.

*Please note. The memorial tree urns are not permitted to be planted within the cemetery grounds and are intended for personal use only*

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