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Funeral services

Light shining through stained glass window onto chapel ceiling

Our Classic service is 35 minutes long with five minutes for entry and an additional five minutes to exit the chapel in to the Reflection Garden where you can view the flowers and have a brief conversation with friends and family before moving on to the wake.  We have introduced a service called Sunrise to help with funeral poverty, which is an intimate service of up to 10 minutes.

Each service can be followed by a cremation or a burial at either our Cheltenham or Charlton Kings cemetery. Alternatively, the funeral service may take place at a separate place of worship followed by a brief committal ceremony in one of our chapels prior to the cremation or direct to graveside for a burial.

Classic service

  • 35 minutes service plus 5 minutes for both entry and exit, making each Classic booking 45 minutes slot
  • Able to book music of your choice via Obitus or make use of the organ*
  • Available for cremations and burials

Sunrise service

  • Only available in Willow Chapel
  • 10 minutes service plus 3 minutes for both entry and exit, making each Sunrise booking 16 minutes slot
  • Music will be selected by Cheltenham Bereavement Services
    • For entry – Für Elise by the London Symphony Orchestra
    • Exit – Mozart’s Clarinet concerto in A Major K622 by John Barry
  • Families and friends can attend the service
  • Available for cremations and burials

* additional fees will be charged for this service

*With the exception of assistant dogs, we do not allow dogs in the chapels or grounds at any time*

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