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Important information about bronze kerb plaques

Please note, when you renew the lease on a bronze kerb plaque you are paying to have the plaque on the kerb in our Gardens of Remembrance, therefore the ownership does not automatically transfer to you if you are not the original applicant.

Also, if you are renewing the lease but the original applicant is still living, they have the authority to remove the plaque even if the lease is current and we are not liable for partial refunds.

If you do not want to renew the lease it may be possible to have the plaque, terms and conditions apply before we can release the plaque to family which safe guards the family and our staff.  Details are below but you must contact the Crematorium office before we can release a plaque.

  • If you are the original applicant of the plaque, we check the original application form, arrange for the plaque to be brought to the office and inform you when it is ready for collection.
  • If the original applicant is not the person collecting the plaque we require written permission from the applicant to give authority to collect on their behalf; the letter must include name and address of the person collecting the plaque.
  • If the original applicant is deceased, we look at the line of descent.  In the event of more than one person being eligible we require written confirmation from the remaining family giving their authority.  Please note, if the funeral of the original applicant did not take place here we will require proof of death.

Photographic identification is required when collecting the plaque.

For information, the plaque kept on the kerb for a minimum of one month following the expiry date and once plaques have been removed they are held in storage for a minimum of 12 months

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