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Leaf block memorial

Memorialisation is the commemoration of the lives of those loved, revered and respected. The cemetery and crematorium offers a number of ways in which memorialisation can take place, including granite memorials, living memorials, bronze kerb plaques, wooden benches, entries in the book of remembrance, miniature books, remembrance cards, jewellery and small personal memorials and also endowment scheme gifts.

All memorials are available whether or not cremated remains are laid to rest within our cemetery or crematorium grounds.  Memorial products are subject to a lease agreement unless otherwise stated.

Please click here for our terms and conditions.


Transforming Farewells into Flourishing Gardens

Bio-Urns offer a distinctive way to memorialise your loved ones. Our handcrafted living terrarium urns are carefully designed to cradle the ashes of those passed, blending artistry, nature and remembrance into every captivating piece. Each Bio-Urn is meticulously created, ensuring that it becomes a unique and personalised representation of your loved one’s spirit.

Bio-Urns are made by incorporating the cremation ashes into the soil base of the urn. By blending the ashes with the soil, the final resting place becomes the foundation that nurture’s and supports the urn’s vitality. The approach ensures that the ashes harmoniously coexist with the thriving plant life, fostering the the start of a new eco system.

Leaf block memorial

Leaf Vault’s and Leaf Block’s

Our range of Leaf Vaults and our Leaf Blocks* are located at various approved locations within Cheltenham Gardens of Remembrance.  Each leaf vault and block are made of rainbow sandstone with an inscribed granite tablet in the shape of a leaf.  There are three styles of this cremation memorial; a small leaf block for scattering or interment of cremated remains that can commemorate up to two people; a single above ground vault to commemorate one person and a larger above ground vault that commemorates two people.

Cremated remain grave

Cremated Remains Grave

Cremated Remains Graves* are located at both Cheltenham cemetery and Charlton Kings cemetery. Cremated remains graves are either for two sets of cremated remains or four sets, depending on location.  Cremated remains can be interred either in a casket or directly poured in to the grave, each buried at the same depth. For more information on our cremated remains graves, please contact our office and someone will be happy to help you

Above ground sanctum niche

Sanctum 2000

The Sanctum 2000 range of above ground cremation memorial vaults* are located in Cheltenham cemetery and are fixed side by side, creating continuous rows.  Each memorial vault is constructed in grey granite with two chambers divided by a horizontal shelf allowing for up to two sets of cremated remains in a casket.  An inscribed tablet available in black, blue, grey or red seals the chamber.

Sanctum 2

The Sanctum 2 range of below ground cremation memorial vaults* are located in the Fountain Rose Garden within Cheltenham Gardens of Remembrance. Each memorial vault can accommodate two caskets in a chamber placed one on top of the other with a dividing shelf.  Constructed in grey granite with a black granite memorial tablet inscribed in gilded lettering.

Boulder Block

Our bolder blocks are granite memorials and are located at various locations within our gardens of remembrance at Bouncers Lane Cemetery. They are paired with a tree and can accommodate cremated remains that are strewn beside the memorial or interred beneath. The memorial can commemorate up to two people

Vase Block

Our Vase Blocks* are located in garden two of Cheltenham Gardens of Remembrance.  Cremated remains are scattered on the lawn area in front of the chosen memorial and can commemorate up to two people.  Made of grey granite, each memorial is inscribed with black lettering.

Memorial Bench

Memorial benches* are available in various locations throughout the cemetery site. Please contact a member of the bereavement services team to discuss the options available.

Personal memorial sample collection

Personal Memorials

Personal memorials* We offer a beautiful range of jewellery, keepsakes and mini urns for you to commemorate you loved ones. Please visit the personal memorial page for more information and to see pictures from the range of memorials.

Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance and Endowment Gift Scheme Book

The Book of Remembrance* and Endowment Gift Scheme Book* are displayed in the Remembrance Cloister in a glass-topped display cabinet. The books provide a lasting memorial because the entries are not on a lease. The memorial entries are carefully inscribed by highly skilled artists. Each day the page is turned in both books to display the page headed with that day’s date. 

The book is also available in an online format so you can have instant access to memorial entries wherever and whenever you wish. Click here to access the online book of remembrance

Please note – If you wish to view an entry in the books on a day other than the date on display, please contact the cemetery office to make arrangements and to ensure the book has not been sent to the calligraphers for an update

Teddy memorial

Childrens memorials

Children’s memorials* are located within our Gardens of Remembrance, we have several granite memorial options to choose from in which you can have a granite plaque placed in remembrance of the little ones, taken to soon

Granite toadstools

Within our gardens of remembrance at Bouncers Lane Cemetery we have toadstool memorials placed near to our children’s memorial garden. You can have one of the small plaques inscribed to commemorate someone you love.

Appleby Heart Plots

A small granite heart memorial for the resting place of cremated remains at our Charlton Kings Cemetery. Each grave can accommodate up to two sets of remains and there can be either one heart or two for each memorial

Cornish Heart Fetal Grave

A small granite heart memorial for the resting place of fetal cremated remains at our Bouncers Lane Cemetery. These small granite memorials are available to commemorate the life of our little ones who have been taken away to soon

Standard bronze memorial plaque sample

Bronze Kerb Plaque

A Bronze Kerb Plaque* commemorates one person on a 6” x 4” plaque fixed to the kerb edging of lawns.  Adjoining spaces can be reserved for future use and only available in our Cheltenham Gardens of Remembrance.

Letters To Heaven

At our Bouncers Lane Cemetery we have two special post boxes located within our grounds. These post boxes allow you to write a special message to your loved ones in their memory

One post box is located in our gardens of Remembrance and the other is located on our children’s burial section – K7

If you would like more information about our letters to heaven, please contact our bereavement office and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help


We have a range of products that we sell in relation to our memorial range. These products include caskets (for cremated remains), flower vases (plastic and metal in various colours) and scattering tubes ( available in various designs)

Please contact a member of our friendly team to get prices and more information

* fees apply

For more information about prices and lease options please visit our fees and forms page or contact us to discuss further.

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