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Services at Cheltenham Crematorium during COVID-19 crisis

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The council continues to work hard to protect the community from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. To make sure that the council can keep offering cremations as safely as possible during this difficult time, bereaved families will be able to choose from three options.

Direct cremation with no attendance

  • No mourners or officiant in attendance
  • Webcasting and music available should families wish

Direct cremation with officiant in attendance

  • Officiant to be in attendance to conduct a service of no more than 15 minutes
  • No mourners in attendance
  • Webcasting and music available should families wish

Direct cremation with outside service

  • Hearse to park outside relevant chapel under the porte cochère where a 15 minute service can take place
  • A maximum of 5 mourners can be in attendance
  • Webcasting will not be available
  • Music will be available as an option should families wish
  • The chapel doors will remain closed until such time the funeral director is ready to bear the coffin direct to the catafalque
  • No chapel staff will be in attendance at any time during the service

Burials will be ‘graveside only’ with a maximum of 5 mourners to be in attendance. The interment will take place as soon as the coffin has been removed from the hearse.

People are asked not to attend a funeral or visit any of our sites if they:

  • have not been specifically identified by the family for attendance;
  • have tested positively for coronavirus, or have any Covid-19 symptoms;
  • are self-isolating. 

If the deceased has passed away as a result of coronavirus

In the case of funerals of individuals who have passed away due to the coronavirus, the council may need to exercise its discretion to determine when services can take place.

Funeral directors are in regular contact with the council and can also be contacted for advice and information.

Future service offer

The council is considering how it can further support bereaved families to commemorate their loved ones after the Covid-19 emergency has passed. This is likely to include the future availability of its chapels to allow families to celebrate the lives of those we have lost and whose funeral services have been impacted by the current restrictions on services. Further details will be made available to funeral directors and also published here when these options become available.

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