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How November lockdown will affect services and visits at Cheltenham cemetery and crematorium

November lockdown service update image

Here is the overview of how the new lockdown will affect Cheltenham cemetery and crematorium with effect from Thursday 5 November. Please remember, the lockdown and subsequently these guidelines are to help keep our contact to a minimum.

Unless you are attending a funeral, or visiting a memorial/resting place of a loved one at a significant or poignant time, you should not travel to Cheltenham cemetery during the current lockdown. We recognise the need for people to grieve, and the comfort given with the ability to be able to visit the final resting places of loved ones, but we ask only essential visits be made at this time to ensure the safety of everyone during this difficult time.

Please see the new guidelines below.

  • Office opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 4:30pm and Friday 9am to 4pm. These times will remain beyond the lockdown and until further notice.
  • The office will be closed to the public unless it is to specifically related to an upcoming service booked here.
  • We will accept original paperwork for burials and cremations but to reduce contact, please put these papers in the letterbox located in the wall outside the main office.
  • Funeral directors can drop ashes at the cemetery office.
  • 30 mourners are allowed in either chapel and must wear a suitable face covering unless they are exempt. 30 mourners can be in attendance for graveside burials.  Please do not encourage additional mourners to stand outside a chapel or congregate in the car park as this undermines the measures put in place.
  • For graveside burials, please stop at the office for the coffin plate check.
  • There will not be any appointments for scattering, placement or interment of cremated remains.
  • The grounds for the cemetery and gardens of remembrance will remain open for people attending services and to visit memorials.
  • The cloisters will remain open to view the books of remembrance but notices will be displayed asking people to refrain from touching the cabinets.
  • Ashes can be collected from the office by family if indicated on the instruction form.
  • Stonemasons are able to fix memorials once a permit has been issued.
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